Jennely Winklaar and Geraldine Albertsz crowned Carnival queens for school EPI

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Last weekend, at the Entertainment Center took place the Queen election for EPI school, which was organized by the Bo-Groep Economy Unit, consisting of eight students.

The preparation for the event started a few months ago. It is a task for the subject of Movement Education (BO), which has as a goal to enhance organization and leadership. In the end, the students raised funds for a study trip next month.

The event was a success. The Entertainment Center saw a great audience, and there were five candidates in two categories: student and teacher. Aside from the show and speech from the candidates, there was also a live presentation by Easy B, Daddy Bass, Ty and Casper. Present for the occasion were outgoing queens, candidates who will be participating in the main queen election from SMAC (organization in charge of organizing Carnival) next week, the president of SMAC, the director of EPI, and a representative from the Department of Public Schools (DPS).

Bo-Groep thanks everyone who supported this election and helped them achieve their goal, which includes a grade as well. What stood out during the event were the prizes. There were a lot of prizes that were shared among the participants, among which, the winners received more than six prizes, including plane tickets, weekend stay, dinner for two and much more. Both winners confirmed that they will be participating in the main queen election organized by SMAC next week on Plaza Betico Croes.

The election results were as follow:
Student category:
2nd runner up: Ariadna Harewood;

1st runner up: Judienne Celaire;
Winner: Jennely Winklaar;

Social Media Queen: Jennely Winklaar;

Popular Queen: Jennely Winklaar;

Best show: Jennely Winklaar;

Best speech: Jennely Winklaar;

Best costume: Judienne Celaire;

Miss Congeniality: Judienne Celaire.

Teacher category:

1st runner up: Rosmery Rondon;

Winner: Geraldine Albertsz;

Best show: Geraldine Albertsz;

Best speech: Geraldine Albertsz;

Best costume: Rosmery Rondon;

Popular: Geraldine Albertsz;

Social media: Geraldine Albertsz.

Congratulations to all participants for a great show!