It’s A Wrap

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ORANJESTAD — Aruba Today recently launched it’s very first video of the series ‘Ask Pilar’ at Facebook Aruba Today and on our website Let us introduce to you this fresh new project and the people behind it.

Why a video? Besides our daily printed free newspaper, our posts on Facebook and Instagram and our website content we started evaluating the plans for short video’s about a year ago. The concept was created by Editor-in-Chief Linda Reijnders to add variation to the product Aruba Today. “There is more to this island than palm trees and beaches and in our videos we wish to inform and educate the visitor by showing local places of any kind. We are all new to this, but goal is not to deliver a technical perfect result, moreover motivate with the content and topic as well as the good energy coming from it.” Aruba Today will publish two or more videos per week and the concept will be interactive. Meaning that as the title of the video ‘Ask Pilar ‘already reveals, the viewer has the tool to actually ask about the topics shown or maybe even suggest a location/topic for a video. Just ask our host Pilar through Facebook comments or messenger.

Pilar Flores, 33 years old, is the jolly Video Host of ‘Ask Pilar’. She loves doing the videos because she gets to meet a lot of nice people and to know many interesting places.

“I hope with it that people will get to know and love Aruba the way us locals do.” Flores is Executive Editor at Bon Dia Newspaper, Aruba Today’s sister, where she is fond of being up to date on all current happenings and events and having the inside information. She has a Bachelor of Theology, achieved in Aberdeen, Scotland and a Masters of Applied Ethics in Utrecht, The Netherlands. “In my leisure time I like to walk in Arikok National park, play with my three cats, color and spend time with my boyfriend.”

The one capturing the images with his camera and edit them into the end result is our Videographer Juan Luis Pinto Sotter, Marketing Major at the University of Aruba.

“I chose marketing because I wanted a career that kept me physically and mentally active. As a junior marketer there is a lot of moving around, I can’t begin to imagine what the real world will be like.” His hobbies include photography, gaming, and working on his car. “I am not a car mechanic, however YouTube helps a lot and I find it very therapeutic to put everything aside and work on this piece of metal that helps me move long distances.” Juan Luis loves to capture moments with his camera and edit them into a dynamic video.

Video Director of ‘Ask Pilar’ is Editor-in-Chief Linda Reijnders, working in this current position since July 2017 and before that for six years with the local newspaper in Dutch, Amigoe di Aruba as a journalist and Editor-in-Chief of the magazine H&H. “I love working in the media, I love to write, create, connect, inform and educate. Working with young, talented and motivated people like Juan Luis and Pilar is a blessing to me. We really enjoy making these Aruba Peeks and we for sure hope that rubs off to the viewer.”

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