Investors interested in the development of Aruba

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ORANJESTAD — Wednesday morning, real estate tycoon Rosa Nurys Godet held a press conference with Aruba Today and other news outlets to highlight the importance of clear communication and teamwork when developing new projects.

Her real estate investment company has specialized in investing and developing public infrastructures for both the Aruban locals and tourists since 2014. In the past 8 years, the company has provided beautiful structures and entertainment spaces for the community of Aruba, such as the Palm Beach Plaza along the hotel strip in Noord, Rose Alley in main street, Oranjestad along with other structures in that same area.

Mrs. Godet, who is also an international business consultant, has revealed the growing interest of foreign and local investors in new developments on the island. With this, she highlighted the importance of teamwork and communication between all parties involved in the development of new projects.

Of course, when taking up new projects, there are going to be some bumps on the road. Despite this, Mrs. Godet is optimistic — yet firm—with her wishes to keep improving the communication between government institutions and investors as she expresses to us how she already has some new project ideas up her sleeve, some of which she has already proposed to the government of Aruba.

In her statement, she expresses her passion and determination for her work, along with her love for the island and her wish to be involved in the island’s growth. It is for this reason that she also urges for the space for young investors to grow on the island. As a proud mother of two young investors herself, she strives to teach her children to always conduct business in a proper way: “either you do it and complete it, or don’t do it at all.”

Finally, she thanked Aruba Today for giving her a platform to express her passion, and she points out how the interest from herself and other investors to see Aruba grow into its full potential is still there: “We are looking to see an island full of flowers, comfort, and happiness.”