Introduction coordination center human trafficking human smuggling (CMMA)

Coordination Center Human Trafficking Human Smuggling (CMMA) introduces itself to the community of Aruba.

The Coordination Center for Human Trafficking and Smuggling (CMMA) is the center for all crimes related to human trafficking and human smuggling in Aruba. The CMMA is here to receive and provide information, educate the community with training and awareness campaigns, and assist victims of human trafficking. Since 2007, the government of Aruba declared a fierce fight against human trafficking and smuggling and in 2008 the Coordination Center for Human Trafficking and Smuggling (CMMA) was established. Much progress has been made so far and Aruba has been awarded more than once internationally for their outstanding fight against human trafficking and smuggling. A task force has been set up to advise the government and a special unit has been formed within the police force to investigate these matters.

The CMMA introduces itself with a jingle explaining what the booth stands for and what they do and how to contact them. This jingle was produced by local artist Janiro “Ataniro” Eisden and published on social media. Together we can fight all types of crimes in Aruba.

The CMMA can be reached via E-mail: or on Facebook CMMA Aruba. For more information, please contact +297 5975223 during office hours. In case of an emergency call +297 5923231 (hotline 24/7).