In order to bring more happiness to their Sport Kamp Aruba Sport Unie associates with The Freewinds

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The team of Freewinds together with Sr. Wiwi Peña are working together to bring more happiness to the youth participating in the “Youth Summer Camp” of Aruba Sport Unie, thanks to the books of The Way To Happiness, a moral guide for a better life.

Despite everything that is currently happening in the world, Aruba helps our youth by making sure that this Summer Camp can offer refuge to the youth where not only can they have a good time and enjoy athletic activites, but also learn about the values that will contribute to their development into valuable citizens of our beautiful and happy Island.

Fighting against the increasing level of crime nad violence, Freewinds has associated with different important members of our community. Sr. Wiwi Peña and Sr. Gerald Franca of Aruba Sport Unie gave more than 100 The Way To Happiness books away in Papiamento, marking the efforts of 2 years in order to show our youth that life truly can be a path to happiness for themselves, their family and our community.

In the middle of the vacation period where many kids in other countries are going through turbulent times that no kid should ever have to go through, Freewinds and Aruba Sport Unie made sure that our kids had a fun and educational vacation, which ended up with gifts making this vacation a memorable one. With the book The Way To Happiness, the kids learned various valuable concepts. This knowledge will help them live a better life for the rest of their lives.

Moral values are the bricks that surround the kids so that they can walk with security meanwhile they learn how to make a better future and Sr. Peña firmly believes in this. Wiwi said “Thanks to the presence of Freewinds we have a program that focuses on the moral principles. The books were given to the kids but I’m sure they will be helpful to the parents so they can be a better guide for their kids. These kids don’t have a vision towards how life is structured and they need a guide through the correct moral principles.”

Sr. Peña is in favor of activities that will keep the youth away from hurtful influences. We have to give them values and the tools to help them become a better person while they grow with the desire to help others.

The Way To Happiness is a moral code, not religious, based completely on common snese. It’s author is L.Ron Hubbard and it was published originally in 1981 to help the society by restoring trust and honesty.

To learn more about The Way To Happiness for yourself, your family or your organization contact the office of Port Captain of The Freewinds by e-mail at or through Whatsapp at +1-727-301-0721.