Holiday Inn Resort Aruba: Because love never ends

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Holiday Inn Resort Aruba showers you with love to celebrate the most important event of your life: your wedding. Whether it is a small, intimate happening between the two of you, a gathering with your closest friends and family or a larger group, the resort has it covered. There is one woman who will guide you through it all, from the start to the end. She assures you that everything is arranged for up to the tiniest details, just the way you imagined it. Let us introduce to you Shulaika Isenia, Holiday Inn’s wedding specialist. “I am here to make it happen!”

Her calm appearance and skilled way ease every nervous bride-to-be or worried future groom. Shulaika works thorough in a subtle and open minded way. “It is very important to listen close to my client’s wishes. To observe and know all the details, that is where it all starts with. My task is to translate the client’s wishes into reality to full satisfaction.” Her job is to make things easy, take away the stress and she is great at that.

From A to Z

The process begins with contacting the Holiday Inn Resort Aruba where you will be connected to Shulaika. The Holiday Inn Resort Aruba is flexible and details can be adjusted to your personal taste. “Picture yourself and your loved one on the turquoise blue ocean side where it feels as if the beach is all yours. Our resort has this great advantage to be able to offer our wedding guests their ‘own corner’ where they have the full bar area for themselves, located right on the wide beach.” Holiday Inn Aruba Resorts stands out with their personal approach and upscale service and their Food & Beverage is known all over the island for its consistent quality, quite important on the day of your life. “After the night the resort has their wedding suite made up for you and this means awakening in the romance of the Caribbean sun next morning with the ocean and white-sanded beach stretching in front of you while you enjoy your breakfast.”

Three romantic wedding packages offer you amazing possibilities where you can be each other’s sunshine under Aruba’s beautiful blue skies and turquoise waters, witnessing your “I do’s” in a very intimate ceremony (package My Sunshine) or make your special day unique with a group of 20 loved ones, to share the event where you promise to love and stay with each other forever and always with your inner circle (package Promises). If you would like to take it up a notch then tie the knot where love transcends all barriers and all limits, let Holiday Inn Aruba Resort be the one to make this act of overflowing love happen in one of a kind way (package Love Unlimited). Important to mention is that Shulaika and her team are flexible and arrangements can be adjusted to fulfill your exact wishes.

All arrangements by the Holiday Inn Aruba Resort include marriage on the stunning beach with the services of a non- denominational minister, including a wedding certificate as a keepsake. Feel queen and king under the arch of squared bamboo or a circular arch with choice of drapery color and crystals, depending on your choice of package. The signing table, bridal bouquet, matching groom’s boutonniere are all part of the life happening and a live musician, photographer and/or videographer are options to consider.

Don’t worry, be happy

Put your faith in the hands of Shulaika and her team to organize your vow renewal, engagement or wedding, she will gain your trust in an instant. The island of Aruba and the Holiday Inn Aruba Resort will make you feel secure as all Covid-19 protocol is in place here and your safety is our priority. Discover Aruba, live your dream event at the Holiday Inn Aruba Resort. We promise you: the resort and the island will make sure you will remember this a lifetime!

For more information:

Contact Shulaika Isenia at +297 586 3600 or send an email to