Hand4Addicts gives with Thanksgiving

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On November 24th the Hand4Addicts foundation will be holding their monthly event to help the addicts. This will be their Thanksgiving Edition.

Hand4Addicts is a foundation consisting of a group of volunteers who help the addicted in Oranjestad. The help they provide is giving them warm meals, clean clothes, a chance to bathe and to get a haircut once a month. This way they wish to make the addicts feel that they are still part of the community and have the right to be treated with humanity. The foundation wants to change the way our community views and interacts with the people who struggle with addictions. They are also someone’s friend or family member and many times their basic needs are neglected. This is where Hand4Addicts comes in.

The foundation is a non-profit organization that does not receive any help from the government. They are completely dependent on donations_ with most coming from our everyday people. They welcome all sorts of donations such as hygiene products, clothing, shoes, towels etc.

On Sunday, November 24th, 2019 the foundation will hold an event called “Thanksgiving Edition.” This will take place in front of the former Hotel Central in Oranjestad, starting at 10:30 AM. Here the clients will get their usual haircuts, shower, clean clothes and something to eat. Hand4Addicts needs your help to make this possible. .

Do you know a Barber who wants to help?
Is there someone who is willing to donate a cake?
Do you have clothing or shoes left you are not wearing?
Any canned food you don’t use?

All donations are welcome.

For more information on how to lend a helping hand to this foundation please call +297 593-1816 /592-9224, email them at hand4addicts@gmail.com or check out their Facebook page Hand4Addicts.q