Gracious birds on Aruba

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Aruba Today loves to show the beauty of our island in all its aspects to readers, followers and friends. We support individuals, foundations and organizations that protect the island’s flora, fauna and culture. We know that these are our treasures we must preserve and one of the reasons why our tourists visit One Happy Island. With words and images we share the wonders of Mother Nature, this time translated into the amazing pictures by photographer Erik Neuteboom.

“Late 2017 I moved from The Netherlands to Aruba. A few years before I started birdwatching, gradually this became a more serious hobby. To my delight I discovered that Aruba is an amazing island for birdwatchers, over 300 different species live here which is incredible. Because I am a retired psychiatric nurse I have plenty of time for birdwatching, I prefer to go to the Bubali Bird Sanctuary, the Spanish Lagoon, and Arashi. Unfortunately I don’t have a 4WD to explore the rough coastal area of Aruba, between the Lighthouse and the natural Bridge. At first I was very happy with every bird that remained sitting on a branch or standing in the water for 10 seconds so I could make my picture. But during the years I tried to make more special pictures, with a blend of experience, patience and luck I succeeded to capture more dynamic moments from birds. Last year I focused on birds with gracious wing movements, as a tribute to my other passion: Flamenco. I love the gracious and passionate movements of the Flamenco dancers. This resulted into this column: ‘gracious birds on Aruba’, another wonderful gift from Mother Nature.