Further Development Information Organizations Carib (DIOC) congress held by the Board of Chief of Police

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On November 28, 2022, the DIOC Congress held by the Board of Chief of Police started.

In this Congress, all stakeholders follow the intelligence training course. They also seize the opportunity to come to a consensus on how to work better and closer together and share duties and consultation structures.

The Minister of Justice and Social Affairs, Rocco Tjon, is satisfied to attend the Congress about the investments required in the information departments in the Caribbean. One of the most significant issues in the Minister of Justice and Social Affairs Policy plan is the fight against crime by investing more in the information departments. It is time to realize that an information department is essential to fight crime efficiently and effectively and not a luxury.

For this reason, information management and everything information related is a priority on the strategic agenda of the Minister of Justice.

According to Minister Tjon, he is thrilled to see how the Board of Police Chiefs organized this Congress. The Judicial departments of the Dutch Kingdom and other entities came together to seek the most efficient way to share information and come to agreements. It is important not only due to local and international developments but also due to the technical and judicial challenges. The Congress is for three days and includes a workshop about the latest developments in the intelligence and information world.

The Minister thanked the Board of Chief of Police and the entire team for realizing this encounter to fight against crime through intelligence and information.