Four Tips to Peacefully Enjoy Your Time Away

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The decision to take time off is key to your overall well-being. Life has many demands, so it’s normal that you may resist taking time away from your normal responsibilities and obligations. Making excuses is common. We’ve all done it and put the perceived needs of others ahead of our own.

What good is all your hard work if you aren’t willing to enjoy life?

Time off to rest your mind and body will rejuvenate you, lowers your stress, and gives you new insights and clarity. Time away ignites your creativity, increases your everyday happiness, and your overall well-being too. If after hearing all the benefits of taking time off you still find yourself unable to break free, then the time has come for you to work toward adjusting your mindset and begin embracing the idea that a real vacation is possible. The goal is to avoid being stressed and worried. Be in the position that when you do take time off from your business or corporate job, that you can enjoy your time away.

For me, a vacation away is a special time to spend with my family and friends on the island of Aruba. The Casa Del Mar Beach Resort has turned into our home away from home. The island itself is only about 21 miles and is in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea. Aruba is the perfect place to unwind and have fun.

Many years ago, I made excuses and delayed taking time off.  When I did go away, I was easily distracted and didn’t know how to relax fully. What has helped me to become so confident in relaxing while on vacation, and no longer struggle with pre-vacation anxiety and stress, was in developing a well thought out plan before going away. My plan of action has also increased the trust of my coworkers.  Use the following four tips to help organize and assist you in making your next vacation worry and stress-free.

Four Tips to Peacefully Enjoy Your Time Away

Having enough trust is sometimes challenging.  What helped me the most was understanding that with enough time, I could set up a plan that could be tweaked along the way. What I discovered, is that you first develop a relationship with your team or an associate and trust them to cover your tasks while you’re away.  Leave a list of what is pending, and a quick reference of what you think is needed to be watched closely. Create a task manual or spreadsheet as a point of reference that has instructions, daily routines, including phone numbers and passwords.

By following these steps, you will know decisions while your away will be made as if you made them yourself.  Remember to say, “Thank You’ and show your appreciation before you leave and upon your return. Check-in with your clients to see if they have any needs or questions in advance of your vacation. This serves as a great time to let them know who to contact while you’re gone. Your clients will appreciate your call, and you will also discover that many will be happy to hear you are taking some well-deserved time off to rejuvenate and relax.

Clear Communication:
Being connected and easily accessible is one true benefit of technology. Fortunately, most times, it’s not necessary for you to be available day and night when on vacation. Taking your business with you when you travel will not work for everyone. When you travel you can bring a laptop, an iPad, or your cell phone may be enough. It’s your decision whether to unplug or not. When traveling, I monitor the stock market periodically through the day by listening to people talk around the pool or with a quick look at CNBC on the TV. Make sure you have the right equipment that gives you a sense of comfort. I find for short trips my phone is all I need, for longer trips I bring my laptop. My husband prefers his iPad.

Your chances of experiencing worry-free time off are much improved when you establish clear channels of communication with your team if an important issue arises. It’s best to leave your team with a clear understanding of what constitutes an emergency for you to be contacted. Make your expectations clear by meeting with your team and then one on one with the person who is going to be backing you up to see what questions or concerns they may have.

Have a Backup Strategy:
Send your files that you might need to your email address, or open a Dropbox account for easy access, or back up your files to the cloud or a small flash drive.  What’s great about a flash drive is that you have access to your files from any computer without the need for an Internet connection.

Give Yourself Quiet Time:
Your health is important, and time away is the best medicine for clearing your mind. Permit yourself to step away from a hustle and bustle of a vacation routine.  Make it a priority to relax and have fun while away and rejuvenate your brain and rest your body.  Do something you have never done before. Not only will the new experience give you something to talk about upon return, but you will see how much joy it will give you.

I know you have many responsibilities, and it isn’t always easy to getaway. Before you take off, remind yourself that it’s OK for you to leave worry-free. Commit to enjoying time with your family and friends. When you prepare in advance, create clear communication, have a backup strategy, and give yourself quiet time, you will be happy you took the time off and upon return feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and focused. Become committed to your well-being. Act now, schedule your time off.

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