Feeling Sick during vacation? At Your Service: Experienced Doctor & Pharmacy under one Roof

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PALM BEACH — Feeling sick is a miserable thing during vacation. This is the time of the year you should enjoy and relax, so staying in a hotel room bed with a sunstroke, skin allergy, ear infection or intestinal problems can be a bummer. The best thing to do is to recover as soon as possible, and Dr. Lili Beke of the Aruba Walk-in Clinic, together with Palm Beach Service Pharmacy are a one-stop-shopping solution.

A Walk-In Clinic to Walk To
First of all she is calm, kind and understanding. Personal touch is her trade mark and with more than 35 years of experience as a medical doctor she knows what’s going on.

Doctor Beke is located in Palm Beach, at the door steps of the hotel area and her clinic is appropriately named the Aruba Walk-In Clinic. “I’d like to put myself in the shoes of the visitor. Being in a strange place, sometimes far from family or even alone and feeling sick. You can feel lost and disorientated. I can understand that and try to give them comprehension and a welcome feeling while examining them. So they leave with a smile, even if they feel a bit sick.” The doctor speaks seven languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Papiamento, meaning she can attend to almost any tourist from all over the world. “You can come in without an appointment and we have an emergency number that works 24/7, if necessary I will visit the patient where he/she is staying. We attend patients every day!” Her philosophy is as follows: As long as you enjoy what you are doing and like to help people, this profession is very rewarding.” It sounds like the perfect place to heal.

Pharmacy & Drug Store with a Recipe for Success
Two quality parties that work together can only be a good thing. After you pick up your prescription at Dr. Beke’s practice, you can go to the Pharmacy, right next door. The collaboration between these two results in a quick, efficient and quality service.

It’s just what you need when you feel the only thing you want is healing. Lennert van der Poel, general manager of the Pharmacy, which is part of a Group of 5 pharmacies, points out that convenience is not their only unique asset. “We carry a wide variety of medicines from the US, but most of the medicines come from the EU. The prices in the EU are considerately lower than in the U.S.” All medicine are European registered with the same standard as U.S. products. “The law in the States allows visitors to get medicines here for the use of six months and many repeated guests or time share owners do so. This saves them a lot of money. It is however mandatory to have a prescription from a local doctor”, says van der Poel. Most common medicines requested by visitors are antibiotic, pain killers and anti-allergy medications.

Naturally we wish you the healthiest, most wonderful vacation of your life on our Happy Island. But …. In case you are in need of a doctor and a pharmacy, just turn around, walk in and feel welcome to be cured!

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