Feeling parched? Grab refreshment by the side of the road!

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(Oranjestad)ā€”Touring the island in the blistering heat can leave one feeling rather thirsty and looking to cool off. Luckily there are a few stands along the roads of Aruba that can offer you just what you need: a nice, refreshing beverage!

These ā€œcoconut standsā€ can be found at several locations on the island, where you can cool off with delicious smoothies, drinks, snacks, and of course, fresh coconuts! Perfect during family outings around the island, these stands can be found in the following locations:

  • Near the red Anchor in San Nicolas
  • On the Linear Park in Oranjestad (in front of airport runway)
  • At the California Light House hill
  • Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruin
  • Bushiribana Beach (Near the Ling & Song Supermarket)