Faces of San Nicolas Resilience, value, pride, innocence and love

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The fifth year of the Aruba Art Fair will go down in history as a collection of faces of San Nicolas and its nature. An awareness campaign will begin soon in all schools regarding the conservation of the flora and fauna of Aruba. Of the ten local and international artists who took part in the Mural Festival, several of them chose to paint their perception of what the face of San Nicolas is, as well as the flora, fauna and nature of Aruba.


Mr. Dheo, an artist from Portugal, mixes photorealism with audacious lines under the guide of our very own Sarah Quita in order to create the big mural on the Van Rensealstraat, which carries the name Resilience. The view of a champion with more than 20 World titles under her name. The eyes that tell about every obstacle that she overcame, the desire to hear her anthem at the end, when she raises her trophy celebrating victory for her country.

From the moment Sarah Quita was approached by the foundation and me the artist, a friendship was born, and together they planned to the smallest detail what became one of the most attractive and moving murals in the Aruba Art Fair 2022. Even her lucky medal which she always wears is seen in the mural, which has a wonderful meaning. Sarah already went on to Japan, and before she did this, she promised to give her best for this beautiful work of art. Thanks go out to Mr. Nelo and his family who gave the opportunity to use such a beautiful wall.


Jenna Swartz, a young artist from Canada, was chosen to commemorate a defender of all that is San Nicolas and its problems, the person who ran after local organizations to bring light to our streets, warring with any official to know when solutions were being implemented, and who every occasion was present to express what’s happening to his beloved San Nicolas. The defender of San Nicolas is Hilario Donker.

It’s worth noting that Jenna was introduced to San Nicolas through a tour, and she fell in love with the mystical value of its street art, and she sent in her curriculum in order to participate in the Mural Festival 2022.

On the barbershop building in Promenade, those visiting San Nicolas can see the face of energy. Using different typical artifacts like straw hats, the child takes his pride position when he sees all those walking on the street. With his eloquent eyes, he stands for symbols of our beautiful country. The iguana wishes to protect our birds and our nature.


Sensational colors surround the face of one of San Nicolas’ most precious residents. Anthem of the Caribbean is the name of the art work projecting the beauty of the color of the water with the beauty of the innocence of the Aruban child. Using different shades of color, WD Wild Painting from Yakarta who resides in Greece combined the setting sun. One of the most beautiful events ever seen, orange colors combined with purples bidding our island good bye. In a 3D painting, the artist makes use of a round mural, showing a unique depth.

The young muralist Leho from Taiwan illustrated one of Aruba’s most loyal birds when they meet their mate. Illustrating also the colors of sunset in his painting, the muralist painted the love that he sees in the people of Aruba. This is not the first time the muralist visits our island. He is someone that visited Aruba many times on board of the Freewinds, and is beloved by the Chinese community. The young man took his time to educate a large group of students and art lovers, teaching them the technique of combining surreal lines with paint.

A record amount of visitors attended the Aruba Art Fair 2022, enjoying the shows, parades, art and delicious food and ambiance during the three days of the fair.