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Most of us have a misconception of what enlightenment is. It is not something that we need to attain or achieve, such as a diploma or medal from other activities. It is a state of consciousness, a state of perception deeply embedded within us at every moment. It is a state of no thought, a state of clear and undisturbed perception. Just beneath or obscured by the veil or screen of thoughts. Enlightenment is being sold to us or taught to us as if it is not here at every moment, when it actually has always been and will always be our true nature.

We are the Light of the World, as Lord Jesus proclaimed. Yet seems so far but yet so intimate that it is sewn to the fabric of our existence.

Suresh Mirchumal is a spiritual writer. “Well, you can categorize it like that, although I don’t call myself one. These thoughts come in effortlessly.” His aim is in a way to reach out to whoever gets inspired or has an eye opening event within them that may transcend their current state of consciousness. “Or let’s say current emotional state too. If one in a thousand benefits, that is already great.” Due to the current world state, lots of struggles and stresses, we seem to lose touch with that inner peace that we long for, Suresh explains. “I wish to ease that through these small articles or tidbits.” You will find his tidbits in Aruba Today from now on, mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.