Exposition ‘Primary Colors’ at Aruba’s National Library

265805 Pinchos- PGB promo Banner (25 x 5 cm)-5 copy

The National Library of Aruba will be presenting an exposition by a group of Artisans, Artists, Graphic Designers and Photographers in their Exhibits Hall for the 20th of September.

This exhibition is open to the public for 3 weeks and will have a free entry.

The group presents different arts with the theme of the primary color Yellow. This collection of art is a diverse one including frames pictures, digital art, mosaic art and assemblage. They bring together a collection that is beautiful to see, joyful and unique. The opening will be this Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm.

Ad Rekkers, Carmen Tujeehut, Esther Jones, Gina Jie-Sam-Foek, Gwen Jie-Sam-Foek, Ilse Knijn, Janine Flanegin, Joshua Valbuena, Kat Uribe, Nimia Geerman, Paul Wong, Robby Solognier.

Love4Art Studio

Brigitte Boekhoudt, Diana Hopman-Betjes, Dina LEggers, Genevieve Wientjes and Roelie Groenewegen.