Exemption on COVID-19 testing requirement for US Visitors

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In its ongoing efforts to make travel to One happy island as convenient and safe as possible, and as part of the Traveler Health Requirements, the Aruban government is happy to announce that, as of July 14th, 2021, some U.S. residents who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 may be exempt from the COVID-19 testing requirement for entry to Aruba.

The Aruban government will still require that the proof of vaccination meet the requirements as part of the Aruba online Embarkation/Disembarkation (ED Card) process. While the program is being introduced for eligible travelers, other travelers who may not be eligible will still need to provide a negative COVID-19 test prior to entry to Aruba.

To determine if you may be eligible, please read the information provided in detail and review the steps required. Note: all protocols are subject to change at the discretion of the Aruban government, so please check back frequently for updates.

Who is eligible?

At this time, U.S. residents are able to travel to Aruba without providing proof of a negative COVID-19 test if they meet all of the following requirements:

  • Have been vaccinated with an FDA or EMA authorized COVID-19 vaccine in the U.S.  At this moment, these are Pfizer / BioNTech (Comirnaty), Moderna (Spikevax), AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria) and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen).
  • Are fully vaccinated for COVID-19: Either receiving both doses for 2-dose vaccines (a single dose for 1-dose vaccines).
  • 14 days must have passed since they received their last COVID-19 vaccine before traveling.
  • Have a SMART® Health Card vaccine record.
  • And use the CommonPass digital health app as part of Aruba’s 
ED Card online travel qualification process before their flight.


What is a smart health card? 

A SMART Health Card is a paper or digital version of your clinical information, such as vaccination history or test results. They allow you to keep a copy of your records on hand and easily share this information with others if you choose. SMART Health Cards contain this information in a format that is secure, portable, and easy for entities like airlines, governments, and venues to verify. When scanned, a verifier can easily see that the information on the card has not been tampered with, making SMART Health Cards a safe and reliable way to demonstrate health status.
Learn more on the SMART Health Card website.


Where do I get my smart health card?

SMART Health Cards are digitally verifiable vaccination records that are provided by pharmacies, doctor’s offices, or state registries.

At this time, the following vaccination providers provide SMART Health Cards:

  • For those vaccinated at any U.S. Walmart pharmacy.
  • For those vaccinated at any U.S. Sam’s Club pharmacy.
  • For those vaccinated at any healthcare provider in California.
  • For those vaccinated at any healthcare provider in Louisiana.


How do I show proof of vaccination?

The SMART Health Card proof of vaccination needs to be presented before your flight to Aruba as part of Aruba’s online ED Card travel qualification process.

For this, you will need to use the CommonPass digital health app to store your SMART Health Card.

  • If the CommonPass app asks, use the invitation code 2ARUBA (starting July 14th)
  • Create a “Travel to Aruba” pass in CommonPass by scanning or uploading your SMART Health Card.
  • Your minted pass will show a CommonPass ID under the QR code, use this when completing your Aruba online ED Card process for instant vaccine verification.

With your ED Card approved and upon arrival in Aruba as a vaccinated traveler, you’ll have access to the airport’s convenient Pre-approved Health Lane, making your travel experience seamless.

For more information go to www.aruba.com and click on health requirements.