Episode CXCIV – 194: Aruba requires solidarity!

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Destination values, native heritage, and cultural identity are what we advocate for in our own particular way of safeguarding all reasons to love Aruba. Etnia Nativa, through this cultural blog, “Island-Insight,” shares native cultural awareness, educates, and safeguards native heritage.

It is how we encourage you to experiment with an island-keeper state of mind during your stay.

Traveling, discovering new places, and taking in breathtaking scenery are all things that many people enjoy. However, tourism has caused significant harm to the environment (both directly and indirectly). As a result, today we want to prioritize the major environmental consequences of tourism in order to learn how to do responsible tourism because our tiny island requires individual actions to protect the fragile ecosystem for future generations.

Throughout this episode, we want to make each reader aware so that solidarity is present in each of their actions.Despite the fact that more and more companies are bidding for sustainable tourism, and at the same time we appreciate more and more the gifts that nature offers us, the hotel industry, not only in Aruba but around the world, is one of the main sources of generating waste.And as outraged Aruba residents, we see that the construction of hotel infrastructure continues, which causes irreversible alterations in the soil in addition to the polluting residues that they generate, changes in the circulation of water in times of intense rain, and, of course, the alteration of the landscape.

If we side with the needs of Aruba and are in solidarity with the island, we will contribute to preserving the beautiful and desert landscapes that this tiny piece of land located in the Caribbean Sea offers.

We know that the whole world is going through wear and tear caused by various factors as a result of climate change and overdevelopment. If we are aware and consider the problems that the Aruba population faces and act ecologically, we will directly or indirectly contribute to caring for this fragile environment that is rich and distinctive.

As inhabitants of the island, for example, we cry out for the preservation of the natural habitats of our native species, many of which are in danger of extinction. The transit of “all-terrain” vehicles as well as people affects and destroys a good part of them. So please, let’s respect the visible boundaries and not pass through limited areas, for example.

On Aruba, there are legal prohibitions like those against single-use plastic bags and collecting seashells to take home, but our beautiful natural landscapes have also been unnecessarily altered. Something quite common to find on the north coast are “stacked rocks,” a “nonsensical” practice that only contributes to “destroying habitats,” or the collection of pieces of glass in places where for years different marine currents created colorful and unique coastal landscapes. Regarding this, we can only suggest: enjoy Aruba and take care of the planet. Return everything you brought with you and leave everything you discovered in its place.

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