Episode CVII – 107: Shamans & their state of consciousness

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Ancient shamans have always modified the ordinary state of consciousness of their community. Clan leaders, special people whether male or female, there was no distinction, had the urge and responsibility to defend, protect, fix, save, repair, cure and obtain providence by the means of substances ,meditation and observation in order to lead and teach.

Conscious altering rituals were practiced in all human societies and can be traced back to the Neolithic era rituals that also served as a bonding ceremony. Authentic visionaries are to be considered very essential in the legacy of man’s physical evolution and as a spiritual being that is consciously transforming and evolving in to a creative being of righteousness and an open state of mind. By changing the ordinary state of consciousness we come into contact with a deeper part of existence. Through these experiences the shamans gain greater knowledge of practical things like where to go for hunting, foreseeing bad weather or for casting famine or advice to store food in anticipation of a meager harvest. With these practice the shamans could come into closer contact with the group or the soul of the animal to be hunted revealing it whereabouts and location. The shaman leads himself through ecstasy by experiencing a different state of consciousness when entering into communion with the entire planet.

Human beings to be considered to lead a complex way of live. Here is precisely the greatest difficulty between modern human societies and shamanic practices when being confronted by this type of experience, since they are living constantly immersed in the material world. When the shaman reaches the desire state of consciousness to develop his spiritual journey, he must go through a tunnel that leads him to a parallel world in which he gains perspective into a specific need or reason. In this parallel world he is guided by his own higher inner part, which helps him discovers what is useful for the specific moment. In this way the practice of shamanic journeys where ancient means by which man explored the depths of existence. This age-old practice is the precursor to hypnosis and meditation.

Nature has made available a great variety of substances that allow us to enter particular states of consciousness. Aboriginal tribes of the Caribbean, Central and South America, including the Caquetian groups of our islands, used to grind the seeds of the plant called Anadenantera Peregrina which they mixed together with other herbs and snails shells, which they cook over fire, adding the mixture into a container for its elaboration. In this way they obtain a fine powder, essentially hallucinogenic, that was inhaled or blown in the nostrils, either as a remedy, a cure or for spiritual trance called the hécura for the Yanomamis of the Amazon region. This sends him in to a trance like state which facilitates the interpretation of dreams or cryptic messages from the beyond. Tabaco smoke was a key element during these rituals, offerings blessings to open portals of earthly power.

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