Episode CCXLIX – 249: One day after March 18th

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After having celebrated the day of the anthem and the flag, a reflection is not bad at all. March 18th is an unbeatable opportunity to reaffirm patriotic sentiment, understood as the legitimate desire to see Aruba overcome its problems and achieve a stage of development that really benefits the population. Our island needs us, but we also need our island. We both complement each other, and if we walk in the same direction, we can help each other a lot better.

It is not the idea to give lessons or lectures to anyone, but… throwing garbage everywhere, not respecting traffic rules, not being moved by the pain of others or otherwise not showing respect and honoring their achievements, takes away the shine of the national festivity. We all do Aruba, and even the smallest details must be done in the right direction.

We need to love and honor our island’s history and traditions. We need to carry Aruba in our hearts, feel it in each of our actions, and, above all, vibrate for each reality, be it triumph or sorrow, because Aruba is like our own beating heart we need to transmit to the future generations the inheritance of honesty, respect, and the effort to make Aruba a better place every day.

A national holiday should be to reflect on the current situation and the challenges we face as a small but relentless society, and although we are all called to this introspective effort, it is the authorities who are responsible for analyzing whether they are contributing to national objectives. A national holiday commemorates the advances, achievements, and sacrifices made by previous generations and allow people to express gratitude for the freedoms, opportunities, and privileges they enjoy as citizens. But more importantly, the next generation will continue to celebrate the national holiday, so the rulers need to evaluate their performance with a self-critical sense and make the right decisions that help regain the trust of the people.

Urgently need to avoid continuing to transmit to people the idea that improvisation prevails. It is immediate to demonstrate a sincere commitment to corruption. It is extremely necessary for each individual Member of Parliament to weigh his work to determine whether he or she is an actor that really contributes to overcoming crisis.

If local politics does not change its approach and decides to prolong inappropriate actions, it is likely that the instability that we have been suffering for a long time will become not the exception but a regrettable rule, and those who suffer the worst consequences will be the traditional Arubans. By prioritizing quantity rather than quality in tourism, the island`s carrying capacity has been overstretched, negatively compromising its environmental resources, drastically changing its natural landscape, and generating constant discomfort for its original residents, facing the high cost of living in a “utopic paradise.” Quo Vadis? Aruba faces threats and difficulties, such as the increase in global prices, inflation, high fuel prices and transport costs, illegal aliens, loss of buying power, overcrowded school classes, a huge waist pile at local dumps, light and noise pollution, and high taxes, among others, that urgently need a turn of the helm to guide it and allow its citizens to get out of these “turbulent waters.” Our ruling class has the historical duty to act accordingly with that responsibility in order to offer viable solutions.

Aruba also faces global threats and difficulties due to the increase in insecurity, wars, and weakening judicial systems, while corruption also menaces the greedy. What better occasion than the day of the anthem and flag to put into practice such an important commitment from the heart and soul? “Status Aparte” was made possible by Arubans for Arubans; however, today it seems like we have more foreigners on a job than the traditional Arubans, for whom all sacrifice was made in the first place.

The Aruban struggle sometimes seems to be in vain when we see how all this so-called “progress” is killing tradition, neglecting culture, usurping heritage, and desecrating nature itself. However, let’s not give up but rather recharge our fighting spirit to recover what is still to save and protect what has been given to us by our forefathers for keeps.

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