Embrace your curves

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Aruba Curvy Weekend 2019 is a one-day event that brings brands, stores, designers, fashionistas, bloggers, make-up artists and models into one space, to chat curvy, model curvy and empower curves. We will embrace our curves, do a little modeling, and tackle topics like confidence, fashion and style, health, fitness, dating, body positive and everything in between!

With the Aruba Curvy Weekend event, the organization seeks to raise awareness about the curvy industry. Its mission is to enhance the representation of the curvy community by offering inspiration and advice to men and women who want to achieve their best style. To embrace ALL bodies beacause ALL bodies are beautiful. This event wants to facilitate exclusivity and inspire others to celebrate their healthy bodies, no matter their size or shape. The goal is to break the stigma of thinking that when we speak of curves, it means that we are plus size, which in reality is not true. Aruba Curvy Weekend will be held on August 24, 2019 at the Renaissance Convention Center.

Send an email to info@arubacurvyweekend.com for more about the speakers, designers, fashion shows, event schedules, ticket prices and much more or check out Facebook Aruba Curvy Weekend.q