Ceremonial entry Zr.Ms. Groningen in Aruba

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Zr.Ms. Groningen will pay a short harbor visit to Aruba on May 27th around 08:30. Completely according to tradition the crew will be ceremoniously welcomed. The ship is present in the region since April, but has not yet paid a visit to Aruba.

In the Caribbean Region the crew focuses on counter drug operations, among other things. In this way, the armed forces fulfill their constitutional tasks, such as promoting and maintaining the international legal order and stability. The operations take place in collaboration with chain partners, such as the Coastguard Caribbean Region and the American Joint Interagency Task Force South (JIATF-South).

The Royal Dutch Navy has 4 patrol ships of the Holland class. These OPV’s (Ocean-Going Patrol Vessels) are flexibly deployable vessels for monitoring coastal waters. In addition, they can be used for law enforcement such as counter drug operations and humanitarian tasks such as providing emergency aid. This year Defense has already intercepted about 4000 kilograms of drugs.