Celebrating Happy Hilton Affairs

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PALM BEACH — Just before Easter Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino threw a wonderful party event at their newly renovated Morris Lapidus Grand Ballroom last Wednesday. Reason for the celebration was the appreciation to be shown to their customers. The Hilton family for sure know the skills of pampering.

The red carpet that showed you your way in led you on a route with welcome committees from Hilton management to a fantastic Hilton Magazine Photo Booth where the guests where captured as the cover pic of the ‘Hilton magazine’. Pictures were sent afterwards to the guests as a great memory. Another out-of-the-box experience was the limousine inside the ballroom turned into a photo booth as well. This evening no standard pictures, must have been the Hilton thought undoubtedly.

A delicious buffet with hors d’oevres and finger food offered fresh prepared seafood, salads and meat options in combination with an open bar and Moët & Chandon champagne all night long. The ballroom was filled, but not packed with sufficient space to sit either at a table or lounge set or take your pose at a standing table. The invites were dressed very elegant, adding to the sparkling and happy night where mouth-melting food, nice drinks and good music made a perfect cocktail. Live band Buleria was the surprise of the night and made sure that the dancefloor was filled in an instant. This was clearly a successful night, a Happy Hilton Affair! Q