Celebrate With Us Our Dia di Betico!

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ORANJESTAD – Tomorrow, Thursday January 25th, the island will have lots of festivities that honor the late pro-autonomy political leader Gilberto Francois (Betico) Croes. He helped the island attain the Status Aparte. Aruba was allowed to function as a commonwealth within the Dutch Kingdom and Betico is honored for this outcome since 1989 by celebrating the Dia di Betico. The official holiday features performances, sporting events and games throughout the island. Aruba Today presents a selection of the events that take place on this festive day.

Official Ceremony & Cultural Manifestation

The protocol program for the honoring of Betico Croes is a nice event to go to. The governor of Aruba as well as the government with spouses will be present in their attire dress code. This will take place at the Plaza Libertador Betico Croes on Vondellaan at 9 AM. End of the afternoon you can enjoy the cultural manifestation, performed by several local artists. This will be between 6 PM and 10.30 PM, same location. Drinks and food are provided by the different stalls and there will be a kid’s corner for the little ones.

City Walk

Foundation Rancho organizes a very nice walking tour that will give you a good idea of Oranjestad. The tour takes 2 hours and focuses primarily on the city center with the neighborhood Rancho as heart of it. The first tour starts at 9 AM, the second at 11 AM, both with the starting point Flor di Oriente. More information on Facebook: Stichting Rancho.


The Historical Museum (Fort Zoutman at Oranjestad), the Museum of Industry (San Nicolas) and Community Museum open their doors at this special day between 10 AM to 4 PM. An assortment of drinks, snacks and more will take care of your inner needs while you enjoy some of our local culture. Performances by local artists and artisans are on the program. The Facebook page Fundacion Museo Arubano will give you more information.

Sports& Games

Synchronic Swimming

The Olympic Pool Roly Bisslik in Savaneta will open her doors tomorrow for a competition of synchronic swimming. The competition will be upon ‘figures’ and starts from 9 AM. Aruba is talented when it comes to this sport as last year the athletes Neftaly Albertsz and Abigail de Veer participated at the US Nationals in Arizona, Kyra Hoevertsz and Shelby Kasse won the Bronze Medal in the Free Duet category in Argentina. The Aruban selection also competed in the UANA/Panamerican Synchronized Swimming Championships at Santiago de Chile. Here Kyra Hoevertsz won Bronze in the category Solo Free Senior.


Not tomorrow, but Saturday will be a day that you can go and have a look at a not so common sport: fencing. The Fencing Federation here in the island will have their first competition of this year, related to Dia di Betico. At IBISA San Nicolas you can see and enjoy fencing from 10 AM, maybe even combine it with a visit to Baby Beach afterwards.

Tang Soo Do

Tang Soo Do is a Korean martial art and the club will organize a special competition on Dia di Betico tomorrow. It will be a tournament where Hyungs (free movement) and Weapon Huyngs (Movement

with Arms) will be practiced. Participants can register from the age of 2.5 years old already. The program will start at 9 AM at Emma School in Ayo. More information: Facebook Gihae Tang Soo Do Aruba.

Pool Billiard

Combine a visit to a real local ‘rumshop’ with the spectacle of pool billiard competition. La Roca Rumshop in Moko is the place where the rumble takes place tomorrow. Their classical tournament of pool billiard in honor of the great billiard player Hector ‘Zabataya’ Ruiz will for sure entertain you.

For more activities the coming days, please check out our weekly calendar at page 17, Today’s Happening.