Celebrate National Hymn & Flag Day with the locals: Check out the Aruban seal light display at Cas di Luz in San Nicolas!

265805 Pinchos- PGB promo Banner (25 x 5 cm)-5 copy

(Oranjestad)—The organization Casita di Luz has just announced that they are having a light display shown of the Aruban Seal at Cas di Luz in San Nicolas in celebration of the National Hymn & Flag Day.

The light display will be turned on everyday for all to enjoy! From Sunday to Thursday, the display will be on from 6:30 pm to 11 pm. From Friday and Saturday it will be on from 6:30 pm to 12 am. This piece was constructed and designed by Nino Kock along with several helpers that have contributed to this beautiful, bright display. Don’t miss out on one of the most special holiday for the Aruban culture; stay tuned for more information on activities to come!

Photo credit goes to Casita di Luz on Facebook.