Celebrate Love!

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Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love, beauty and romantic mood between couples
and/or friends. It is a festive day where you would like to emphasis the importance of
this special person in your life. You can do this in many ways, by sending cards, flowers,
gifts, presents or arranging a wonderful day/night out.

While enjoying your stay in Aruba you can make this day extra special by surprising your
love with the help of Aruba Today. Despite the fact that we have wonderful dinner and
gift options to choose from, advertised in our newspaper in the coming days up to
February 14th, we can make this day even more special.

Surprise your loved one with a picture of her/him or both of you in Aruba Today,
accompanied by your personal message. Imagine taking your vacation breakfast in the
morning while going through the newspaper and all of a sudden you see YOU. This will
make her or his day for sure.

What Do You Do?
Send your selected picture (high resolution JPEG) with short personal Valentine message
(maximum 40 words) to email: linda.reijnders@cspnv.com LATEST Monday February 12.

What Will We Do?
We will put your picture and message in the local section of Aruba Today on Wednesday
February 14 in both printed newspaper and on our website and Facebook page.
Make her/him smile on this special day, do something different!

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. … ~ George Sand