CEDE Aruba launches COVID-19 Community Guide and registration for volunteers

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Throughout the world countries are creating websites that give an overview of the community services during the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore Centro pa Desaroyo di Aruba (CEDE) launched a digital guide at their website ORG.aw. This site informs you about all kinds of services available online and at home.

At this moment CEDE has an important message to share with the community which is to stay home for your own health and the well-being of others. At the same time people need access to the different services and information channels, among other supermarkets that do deliveries, restaurants that do deliveries, emergency services, social support from different organizations, pharmacy service, utility services, banks and information about education and entertainment. All this information has been gathered and exposed at the website ORG.aw.

As soon as you enter the website, click ÔÇścommunity service during COVID-19ÔÇÖ. You will be directed to all kinds of services. The website is not complete yet, but will be updated with new information every day. For organizations it is also possible to provide information and tips, for example practical advice on finances, communication, education of children and more. Organizations do have a possibility to upload information on the website too.

Volunteers are needed

CEDE Aruba is also looking for volunteers. On the website you are able to register for voluntary work. There are different forms to register for helping out as nurse, delivery of groceries for quarantined people, assisting elderly people with telephone and online, packing of food and more. CEDE wishes to create a database with volunteers and connect them with organizations or individuals who need support. CEDE Aruba takes all necessary precautions to protect their volunteers but also stresses that they are needed in this time of crises. A big thank you goes to the companies who are reaching out to CEDE by offering their support in these harsh times.

Register online at ORG.aw or call (between 1 and 5 pm): +297 582-7666.