Born to run

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Heart pumping, muscles burning, feet aching, lungs screaming for air…

SAVANETA — Tonight the biggest racing event of Aruba will take place “Ronde van Aruba” (A Round of Aruba). This 72 km run will start at 8 PM at the Dutch Marine Base in Savaneta and will finish back at the Base. Aruba Today’s own Jeancarlo Trinidad, Junior editor, is also taking part at this event.

Jeancarlo is 29 years old and has been practicing running for a while now. He enjoys running because it improves his mental and physical state. The sport gives him freedom and you can run any time of the day. The only thing you need are your clothes and a good pair of running shoes and you are set to go.

Jeancarlo will be competing in the category of four persons rally together with Eugene Simmons, Dennis Conradus and Jovanny Romero. Their team is called ‘Viper Team C’. All four have their own way of training. They have been practicing individually but also running together. The 72 km run will be done as follow:

Route 1- Jeancarlo- from the Marine Base to the red anchor in the Colony (Seroe Colorado, San Nicolas)

Route 2- Eugene- Red anchor to Boca Prins

Route 3- Dennis- Boca Prins to Ayo Rock Formation

Route 4- Jovani- Ayo Rock Formation to Alto Vista

Route 5- Jeancarlo- Alto Vista Chapel to Boca Catalina

Route 6- Eugene- Boca Catalina to Bushiri (Oranjestad

Route 7- Dennis- Bushiri to Arugas (Balashi)

Route 8- Jovani- Arugas to the Dutch Marine Base in Savaneta

All four team members have their own way of training. They train five times per week. They have been practicing individually but also running together. Eating healthy, sufficient nutrition and drinking a lot of water are a very essential part of their daily training.  They have been doing long runs, interval training and Jeancarlo & Eugene also practice the high altitude training which helps them a lot with their condition. In order to prepare themselves mentally they have been watching many motivational videos about triathlon and ultra-running and have been following famous races and actual marathon runs.

The four have been training very hard and are looking forward to a successful race. The race starts at 8 PM and will last until approximately 7 AM on Saturday morning. Feel free to park aside the road and cheer for all the participants. They will surely appreciate it. For more information and tracking of the athletes progress check out

Aruba Today would like to wish Jeancarlo Trinidad all the best of luck tonight. We will be cheering for you!q