Bert de Vries is celebrating 45 years in optics and 25th anniversary at The Specialists Vision & Hearing, formerly known as Optica Oduber & Kan.

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Bert’s adventure in optics started at an early age of 20. The Christian Huygens School in Rotterdam was where Bert earned his Optometrist and Contact Lenses diploma. After his study, Bert traveled to all parts of the world from UAE to USA, doing what he loved the most, practicing eyecare.

The year was 1996 and Bert de Vries together with his family traveled long and far to move to a tiny island in the Caribbean to start a new adventure. Bert settled in immediately at his job as Optometrist/Store Manager of the well-known store Oduber & Kan. He quickly fell in love with Aruba and the company. On February 28 2003, a manager’s buyout was final and since then Bert, along with his wife, RoseMarie, has run the business as their own.

Fast forward 25 years, Bert has been joined by his succession, his three children, LeRoy, Iris and Marcus. And just like that, de Vries family is introducing innovation and fresh new ideas to the local optical market, thanks to Bert’s solid foundation.

To everyone who knows him – Bert is the hardest worker, dedicating 110% every day to his passion – Eye Care. He is driven to share his knowledge with others and so has the reputation of being an optical educator. He leads by example and continues to strive for excellence in everything he does.

Congratulations Bert!