Asi Es Mi Peru restaurant launches Chef Table 5 Course Menu: “It feels like having dinner at home in Peru”

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EAGLE BEACH – Peruvian-born Roxanna Salinas is the proud owner of a restaurant that without doubt serves the purest Peruvian specialties in Aruba: Asi Es Mi Peru at Paradise Beach Villas. She herself welcomes you in ‘her home’ as that is how the restaurant is described by Peruvian foodies: Food like home, for sure the best compliment a restaurant can get. “Everything here is 100 % Peruvian, we are authentic and ethnic.” Peru by the way is considered to be the single most important cuisine in Latin America with a repertoire of dishes that might even beat France. Many big-name chefs travel to the country to get inspired.

How It All Started
“Many years ago during a Christmas gathering with family my mom told me why I did not open a Peruvian restaurant in Aruba. She said: who does not love Peruvian food?” That was the trigger for the start because Roxanne loves cooking, it is in her genes.

Her mom and grandmother were great cooks. “My base principle was to do everything original and authentic. When guests come to this restaurant I want to serve them the food as if you were dining the best dishes in a house in Peru. The taste is equal, nothing is fused or changed. Many Peruvians that come here say: I feel like I am having dinner at home. It is very difficult to please Peruvians as naturally they know best what is authentic.” To find her Chef and Sous Chef she went to Peru where she interviewed 190 applicants. “We had more than 400 people that applied, after a screening that my brother and I did, we were left with 190 and out of them 10 cooked for me. I gave them a basket with ingredients and a certain plate they had to cook. Based on that I chose the Chef and Sous Chef.”

Chef Table 5 Course Menu
Peruvian food is remarkable for the diversity of its ingredients. It might be best known for its ceviche, the marinated seafood dish, but bestsellers are also Lomo Saltado (stir fry strips sirloin), seafood rice and Pescado a lo Macho (fish of the day).

Roxanne explains that recently the Chef launched a 5-course Chef Table Menu. “Now that we have standardized our typical Peruvian cuisine, we are ready to take it to the next level. Our Chef is very knowledgeable and we bring higher cuisine to the table.” Of the 5 courses the first is the Tiradito Tres Regiones, and the 2nd the Majao de Yuca con Pargo Escabechado paired with a wonderful Santiago Ruiz Albarino; The 3rd plate is a Cremosa de Quinoa con Aji Relleno paired with a Hahn Pinot Noir, the 4th the Lomo con Salsa de Hongos Andinos paired with a Merlot Santa Margarita, and the 5th a Crocante de Maracuya. Try this wonderful culinary experience!

Roxanne explains that the Peruvian food is influenced by different cultures. “A lot of people came from China to work in the sugar plantations, Japanese came to work in the rice fields and African immigrants brought their influences as well… that’s why you see a fusion in the dishes. The typical food and plates from Peru mixed with these influences make up for an excellent cuisine. Our sushi for example is totally different than the standard sushi and we have so many pastas that are outside of Italian pastas. The variety of corn, more than 500 variety of potatoes… I can go on and on.” I guess you will need to try it for yourself as Roxanne’s place is unique. Asi Es Mi Peru is open every day from 12 noon – 10:30 pm. They are closed on Monday evening. Have a peak on their website or Facebook así es mi perú.