Asi Es Mi Peru restaurant brings culinary celebration Fina Estampa: A Very Fine Peruvian Appearance in Gastronomy

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In the last ten years, Peru has been recognized as one of the world’s best culinary destinations, and for seven consecutive years, the South American country has won the award for the Best Culinary destination at the Worlds Travel Awards. Asi Es Mi Peru Restaurant brings this epicurean delicacies to Aruba and invites you to taste their newest concept: Fina Estampa, a five course menu perfectly paired with wines that make you understand why Peru is at the height of today’s gastronomy.

Biodiversity combined multiculturalism are the reasons why Peru is so rich in gastronomy. You can travel through the last 500 years, touch a mix of cultures whenever you taste authentic Peruvian cuisine. Asi Es Mi Peru is owned by the charming, Peruvian-born Roxanna Salinas and her gentleman husband Jan van Nes. The couple takes a personal approach to what they do, this is not about running a business as usual. This is more about making you feel welcomed home, as well as being pampered. Fina Estampa (it means ‘very fine appearance’) is the name of their newest concept, and here is why you should come through the door.

Unforgettable Experience.
Authenticity: Everything here is 100% Peruvian, including the chefs and most of the staff. The ingredients used to prepare each dish are Peruvian, well that is mostly from Peru. The interior of the restaurant makes you feel like you are in an elegant establishment in Lima, the capital city. You feel elevated in the top of the restaurant where Fina Estampa takes place in an intimate setting. The typical, colorful Peruvian fabrics dress the ceiling while the large windows dignify the room. There are only 16 seats available creating an intimacy underlined by the owner’s personal attention. Fina Estampa is an experience. The evening will be noted as unforgettable in your book of vacation memories, as it stands out from the regular island dinners.

The Real Thing.
The fine Peruvian cuisine is offered from Tuesday to Saturday against a fair price where you choose to have wines included. A selection of amuses give you an introduction to Peruvian classics as in Ceviche, Causa Limena and Albondiga de Pescado. The ceviche is heavenly and the real thing which applies to the first appetizer too: a Cremoso de Quinoa. “We have five different quinoa in Peru, it has become a popular food globally thanks to its healthy image and is rich in taste,” Roxanna explains. We take the healthy as a bonus while diving into this delight, and continue to a Chupe de Camarones, a unique Shrimp Chowder combing a spicy broth with chunky vegetables, poached egg, and tasty shrimp.

Did you know Peru has more than 4000 kinds of potatoes? The first main course will give you a taste of it with a Seco de Pescado, delicious steamed fish with a selection of native potatoes. For the second one, we indulge in a very soft meat stew accompanied by cooked and crushed yucca with yellow hot pepper. A demonstration of the gastronomy richness is explored with the Postres de Conventos, an assortment of the best Peruvian desserts. The owners selected the pairing wines themselves and it needs to be said that the result is undeniable love between the food and wine.

Asi Es Mi Peru is open every day from 12 noon – 10:30 pm. They are closed on Monday evening. Have a peak on their website or Facebook asíesmi perú.