Asi es mi Peru launches quality Food Truck at Eagle Beach

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While operating two successful restaurants at Paradise Beach Villas- Eagle Beach, The Kitchen Table (TKT) and Asi es mi Peru (AEMP) who are both under one roof, COVID-19 interrupted operations of both restaurants and each and every restaurant in Aruba in March this year. TKT was closed temporarily, AEMP kept operating for take out in the weekends, operating lunch and dinner again in the weekends until fully operational in July.

It became clear says owner Roxanna Salinas, “that we would not be able to maintain all of the staff with hotel occupancies of around twenty percent once the tourists started returning slowly in August.” But we saw it as an obligation to maintain all of our staff as one family!

And that’s when the idea of extending our services with a food truck was born so we could make sure to keep all of our staff who otherwise would be out of a job. A perfect food truck with all whistles and bells appeared on the horizon and with permits filed the food truck made her appearance at Eagle Beach at the end of September. Just, 100 yards from the restaurant at the corner of the T-crossing between Paradise Beach Villas and La Cabana. Convenient to offer a large scale of products!

Best ceviche and grilled chicken on the island

Our now famous ceviche, insiders say the best ceviche on the island, is a best seller and our roasted chicken (pollo a la brasa) are favorite items but hotdogs, hamburgers, salads, soups and wraps, empanadas and pastechis are just a few of the items offered. Actually, there are no restrictions as the entire Asi es mi Peru menu is available converted from dollars to florins. While most food trucks in Aruba operate in the evening and night the AEMP Food Truck operates from 11.00 am – 9 pm. Every day with the exception of Monday, orders can be called in at +297 592-5699 and picked up at the food truck.

Mi Retiro (My Retirement)

“When I married Roxanna says co-operator Jan van Nes, I knew that the word retirement was not in her vocabulary. Now, a retired hotelier for two years, I know that somewhere down the road there will always be something to do, even when our two restaurants would be operated by a younger generation. With this perspective the Food Truck could be called “Mi Retiro (My Retirement).”

For reservations for The Kitchen Table ( ) , Asi es Mi Peru ( ) and take-out orders, feel free to call Roxanna at +297 592-5699. We love to welcome you!