Aruparking is active again!

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ORANJESTAD – Since the reactivation of Aruparking last year, with the support of an awareness campaign, chaotic parking in Oranjestad is now better regulated.

During a press conference held on Tuesday, May 2, the Minister of Transport, Mr. Ursell Arends, stated he spoke with various business people, who were all positive about the reintroduction of the Aruparking and indicated that this has added value for the center of Oranjestad. The intention is that Aruparking will eventually stand on its own feet financially and become independent of the Arubus.

In the reactivation process of the Aruparking, they introduced changes to regulate parking in the center:

A total of 440 free parking spaces have been added: 236 parking spaces at the bus station of the Arubus, 180 at L.G. Smith Boulevard, and 24 downtown for pregnant women, elderly persons, and people with disabilities.

Payment is now also possible with, ArubaBank, Banco di Caribe, credit Card, and cash.

A special parking permit has also been introduced for transport company vehicles established outside the center that regularly load or unload merchandise in the city’s center.

For the proper course of events, parking remains the car owner’s responsibility, even in the event of violations and incorrect parking. The wheel clamp is definitely off the table. It was one of the principal community’s concerns, causing immobility within the center.

The government will enforce compliance with the implementation and monitoring of the policy through fines for not paying for parking. In the event of a violation, the car owner or driver will receive a warning, and a subsequent violation will result in fines. If the fine is unpaid, they will send the invoice to the car owner’s home via mail, per the registration information at the tax department.

In the event of incorrect parking on the sidewalk or view obstruction of other road users or public order hindrance, they will tow away the vehicle immediately with all additional costs for the car owner.

The reintroduction of the Aruparking will take place in phases in which progress will be closely monitored and evaluated.

The Minister of Transport emphasizes that the objectives are order, control, and mobility.

For more information about Aruparking, contact 5202323 or via e-mail at