Aruba’s nature is taking a breath

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In this time of COVID-19 crisis we the people are urged to stay inside as much as possible. While there is a downside to this situation when it comes to humans and their freedom to live in health, to have an income and to go around freely the other side is that nature is taking a breath. Roads without ATV’s, jeeps and cars, empty beaches and less pollution in the air are a fact. We can hear the birds sing and see goats crossing roads again. Our national park Arikok is closed to visitors since March 23 and nature is flourishing. Plants and flowers arise, animals recover their space. As the world slows, Mother Nature is taking a breath!

The national park Arikok comprises almost 18 % of the island. Its rugged terrain, desert-like hills filled with tall cacti, breathtaking coastline and protected local flora and fauna welcome you to be explored. There is numerous wildlife to discover like for example the sea turtle who lays his eggs on the park’s beaches. There are more places on the island that are a preserved area like the Bubali Plas which is a bird sanctuary.

Protecting people and nature.
It’s awesome to work with specialist organizations that are also dedicated to conserving Aruba’s natural heritage, states the Aruba National Park Foundation (FPNA). In collaboration with Aruba Birdlife Conservation they worked alongside the Marine Corps to safeguard several Shoco (the Aruban burrowing owl) families that call the Marine Barracks Savaneta their home. A total of eight Artificial Burrows (ABs) were strategically placed in safe zones at the barracks. “We are ecstatic to see that the Shocos have moved out of their natural burrows, which were in unsafe areas, and into their new artificial nests. With the next breeding season we can expect to see many new, young Shocos appearing from their specially designed Abs,” says a representative of the park. “The Marine Barracks Savaneta exemplifies how local organizations can benefit and strengthen local conservation efforts and we look forward to many more years of successful cooperation.”

A big, warm thanks to the Savaneta Marine Corps for also being a role model for nature conservation! Together we can make a difference.