Arubans – young & old – unite to plant food forest at workshop; Syntropic Agroforestry – Ban planta awa

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, many Arubans started planting because they saw the importance of growing their own food in times of shortage. But not many knew how to plant in such a way to get food in a short time.


Some Arubans still did not get a single crop after two years at all. For this reason, Eco Living Aruba and Community Matters took the initiative to organize a Non-for-profit workshop that teaches Arubans how to plant a sustainable food forest in their own garden. Roland van Reenen, a world-renowned forest farmer and syntropic farming guru, was especially flown over from Curaçao as teacher for this workshop. Tickets sold out in 2 days.

Last chance – This month the organisation organizes the last 3-day Syntropic Agroforestry workshop of 2022. This may even be the final opportunity for Arubans to learn how to easily turn a garden into a beautiful food forest and eat from it every day.

The dates of the workshop are as follows:

Friday 20 May : 6pm – 9pm – Theory

Saturday 21 May : 8am – 4pm – Practice

Sunday 22 May : 8am – 4pm – Practice

There is also an information evening on Wednesday 18 May between 6pm-9pm for those people that can’t make it to the entire workshop. People can register and get more information by sending an email to

Roland van Reenen teaches Arubans during the workshop the principles of Syntropic Agroforestry – a simple and effective way to turn (a part of) your garden into a sustainable food forest from which you can eat every day in the future. It is a misconception that we first need rain to plant plants; instead, we need plants for it to rain. – Roland van Reenen. So let’s make Aruba green again.