Aruba Tourism Authority honored loyal visitors of Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa; John & Sandra Busino & David & Julie Maheu

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Aruba Tourism Authority honored loyal visitors of Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa

The Aruba Tourism Authority recently honored the Goodwill Ambassadors of Aruba and the Emerald Ambassadors of Aruba by awarding the Ambassadors with the Goodwill certificate and the Emerald certificate in recognition of their visits to the island for more than 20 and 35 years, respectively.

Honorees were:

Goodwill Ambassadors (more than 20 years):

John & Sandra Busino residents of New York, United States

Emerald Ambassador (more than 35 years):

David & Julie Maheu residents of Rhode Island, United States

During the ceremony Ms. Olga Ruiz representing the Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A), and members Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa bestowed the certification of the Ambassadors, and presented the Ambassadors with gifts, and thanked them on behalf of the Government of Aruba for choosing Aruba as her favorite vacation destination for so many years. Aruba is definitely considered by the Honorees, their Home Away from Home!

Top reason for returning to Aruba, provided by the honorees were:

Beaches and ocean at Manchebo

The people that work at Manchebo

Fantastic weather


Hospitality and friendliness of the natives in Aruba

The safety of Aruba