Aruba To Me: Family Barbato/Cataldo

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For most people, Aruba is simply a tropical getaway, a chance to indulge in the finer things the island has to offer including but not limited to its food, beaches, and family activities. For Mary Ann, Nicole, Tommy, Chris, Amanda, Gabrielle, Tom Tom, Kristen, Brooke, Reece, Uncle Bobby, Sal, Michael, and all of the friends they have made on the island over the last 30 years, Aruba is a home away from home. Before her passing in 2016, Great Grandma Sally came along every year as well, making it 4 generations of our family present on the island. Chris even bought his girlfriend Jessica along this year for her first Aruba experience.

It is indeed wonderful to share the moments of joy of our readers who are vacationing here and we can also imagine that there are people home who stayed behind and who are being missed.

Aruba Today would like to give the opportunity to you as an appreciated reader to send a live greeting to your beloved ones that stayed behind or just share a moment of joy. It can be your parent, child, sister, brother, neighbor who takes care of the cat, friends … name it. Now is your chance, send us your Home Greetings Video!

What Do You Do
The only thing you need to do is record a short (maximum 1 minute) video with a greeting to home from Aruba and send it to email Also please write your name and where you are from as well as how long you will be staying in Aruba. We will post your video on the Facebook page of Aruba Today!