Aruba To Me: Donna

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Since a while Aruba Today has a column called Aruba To Me. Readers are invited to send their favorite vacation picture along with a text starting with “Aruba to me is …”. The column grew in popularity making the editorial department happy seeing this interaction with our readers realized. 

It is wonderful to share the moments of joy of our readers who are vacationing here, but we can also imagine that there are people home who stayed behind and who are being missed. Aruba Today would like to give the opportunity to you as an appreciated reader to send a live greeting to your beloved ones that stayed behind. It can be your parent, child, sister, brother, neighbor who takes care of the cat, friends … name it.

Send us your home greetings in a short (maximum 1-minute) video and we will publish it on Aruba Today’s Facebook page. It will be a great surprise to your loved ones back home when you send them the link!

Our first video came in from Donna, New Hampshire. Thank you Donna!

You like to send us your video too? Send it to email Also please write your name and where you are from as well as how long you will be staying in Aruba. We will post your video on the Facebook page of Aruba Today! In case you feel more at ease with a picture and words in our newspaper, please send us you vacation picture and end the sentence: “Aruba to me is …”.

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