Aruba signs agreement with the United Kingdom

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(Oranjestad)—Recently, Aruba has signed a bilateral agreement (MoU) with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This was an agreement between Directie Luchtvaart Aruba and the civil aviation authority in the UK. This includes an agreement related to air transport that regulates the rights of air transport from both nations’ airlines on the route between the island and the countries across the pond.

The agreement follows the principles of “open skies”, which is a liberal management without restrictions and limitations in regards to capacity and frequency of airline flights. This is the most effective managements to maximize airlift, which is very important for Aruba’s tourism. It is also worth noting that the signed agreement will open doors for direct flights between Aruba and the UK—due March 26th of this year. British Airways will conduct its first flight between London Gatwick and Aruba.

Subsequently, Aruba will follow the process with authorities from the UK to convert this agreement into a treaty.

This agreement is a part of the strategy by the Ministry of Transport in its efforts to further expand Aruba’s infrastructure of bilateral agreements for air transport, so as to create more possibilities for airlift and connection, which in turn will generate and stimulate economic development.