Aruba Signature Experience’ launched by the Minister of Tourism, ATA, Qredits Aruba and Colegio EPI

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On September 23, 2021, during a press conference, Minister of Tourism, Dangui Oduber, ATA, Qredits Aruba, and Colegio EPI launched the ‘Aruba Signature Experience’ program.

Currently, the ever-changing travelers seek immersive moments that fulfill their desire to have unique and genuine experiences that complement who they are. The “Aruba Signature Experiences” is based on this concept.

To help fulfill this necessity, the Aruba Tourism Authority is partnering up with Qredits Aruba and Colegio EPI to develop and roll out a  new program: The Aruba Signature Experiences. This program aims to highlight and promote new experiences in the romance, wellness, and (low-impact) adventure niches.

The focus of the Aruba Signature Experiences is on High value/low-impact tourism is sustainable tourists with a yearly income of US$ 150.000.00 that respect our nature and cultural values.

You will find more information on the website of the Aruba Tourism Authority,