Aruba National Park: Dolphins spotted in Aruba waters

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Dolphins approach our shores to rest or recover. Dolphins have been observed along the coast and in Parke Marino Aruba. All whales and dolphins are protected by law. They come to the Aruban coast to recover or rest in our calmer waters. It is therefore of utmost importance to give these magnificent, highly intelligent and sensitive species a lot of space. Please keep a distance of at least 100 meters for them to rest without disturbance or impact.

We ask everyone to not go and search for them, and do not follow or chase them. In the rare case you encounter dolphins in the water, stay calm and keep yourself outside of the group, float calmly with your arms close to your body and observe if you see any signs of injury, entanglement or another reason to need recovery and report this. To report any observations or concerns please contact FPNA (Facebook Aruba National Park) or Giolina Henriquez of the Aruba Marine Mammal Foundation (Facebook Aruba Marine Mammal Foundation).