Aruba Massive Brassband participates in the parade at Magic Kingdom in Orlando

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Aruba Massive Brassband participated in the Magic Kingdom Parade in Orlando during this past weekend.

Inaugurated on October 1st in the year 1971, The Magic Kingdom Parade is a large theatrical presentation that takes place at The Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. This dates back to the beginning of the theme part. As of March 9th 2014, the daily parade has been called Festival of Fantasy. The parade begins in Frontierland and ends at Main Street, running at about 30 minutes in length.

Recently, on August 5th, Aruba Massive Brassband participants carried the Aruban flag in the parade, bringing joy and pride to all Arubans both present at the parade and here on the Island. According to the Massive Brassband website, Massive Brassband International is a part of Aruba’s long history of Asambeho music tradition, which is a history that started in the year 1960.

Massive Brass Band International started when Roderich Lopez, who was musical director and ovwer of Massive Brass Band came back to Aruba from The Netherlands in 2010. He started playing the music of Asambeho at the early age of 5 years old, and played with Aruba Angels Brass Band. Eventually he started his own brass band named Massive Brass Band, which plays modern and old school music combined with their own rhythm, Asambeho, which was originally made in Aruba by 3 friends. Arnold Beide, Alfonso Bulto Gibs and Samuel Hodge back in 1960. To read more about this wonderful story, visit their website

Thanks to the participants, Aruba’s name and flag shines again on international stage, where friends, family, supporters and fellow Arubans felt proud of these participants and the accomplishments they are bringing back home, as well as wish them all success and thank them for taking Aruba’s name higher.