Aruba has its winners for the “Un Canto pa Aruba” festival for its Anthem and Flag

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During this past weekend, the festival of “Un Canto pa Aruba” for the island’s Anthem and Flag Day took place. Two nights filled with music and cultural ambiance at Plaza Libertador Betico Croes where, at the end of each night, Aruba announced the winners in both the adult and youth categories.

On Friday, the adult participants took the stage to present their songs. Out of a total of 18 participants, singer Edward van der Biesen, along with the Alma Florico group with their song ‘Con Mi por Lubida’ composed by Danilo Vrolijk and arranged by Jaderick Croes, emerged as the winner.

Second place went to Karena Maduro of the Alma Folklorico group with her song ‘Un Bon Arubiano’ composed by Jhon Freddy Tobon Monotya and arranged by Migi Boss and Egmar Maduro.

Third place in the adult category went to the duo Sharmine and Shardell Maduro along with the musical group Rejoice with their song ‘Aruba, Mi Isla, Mi Cas’ composed by Zulaika Geerman and arranged by the Rejoice group.

On Saturday, children and adolescents presented their songs during the festival for the youth categories. The audience enjoyed the performances of 27 participants divided into four categories: 4-6 years, 7-9 years, 10-12 years, and 13-17 years.

In the 4-6 years category, the overall winner was Mirlaine Vis with her song ‘Den mi truck’ composed by Veloushka Krozendijk and arranged by Elton Trimon. Second place went to Zilah Geerman with her song ‘Canta cu Alegria’ composed by John Freddy Tobon Monotya and arranged by Dimitri Frans and Johnny Scharbaay. Third place went to Livaya Escalona with her song ‘Ay ban zwaai’ composed by Erick Escalona and arranged by Amado Rosina.

In the 7-9 years category, the overall winner was Hailey Koolman with her song ‘Arikok’ composed and arranged by Gino Panneflek. Second place went to J-Vyôn Besselink with his song ‘Aruba ban planta’ composed by Lurena Schwengle and arranged by Rygell Isabella. Third place went to Jaymerson Kelly with his song ‘Muchanan ban goza’ composed by Jason Kelly and arranged by Tico Kelly.

In the 10-12 years category, the overall winner of the night was Kitai de Jongh with his song ‘Sabi mane’ don Shoco’ composed and arranged by Zulaika Geerman. Second place went to Ishem Howell with his song ‘Cadushi, Siñami’ composed by Sidney Simoons and arranged by Elton Trimon.

In the 13-17 years category, Gismary Linarez emerged as the overall winner with her song ‘Si mi bos ta di Dios’ composed by Lurena Schwengle and arranged by Raul Piar. Second place went to Reanne Ras with her song ‘Sigui e pasonan’ composed by Jhon Freddy Tobon Montoya and arranged by Raul Piar. Third place went to Lizienne Web with her song ‘Pa Bo’ composed by Lurena Schwengle and arranged by Johnny Scharbaay.

This month is particularly special to us locals, as Aruba celebrates its National Anthem and Flag Day on March 18th. On this day you can find various events all over the island, where locals come together to eat, play, sing and dance, celebrating what we are most proud of: Our Aruban identity!

Stay tuned for our upcoming issues this month to learn more about the history behind our National Anthem and Flag Day, and where to enjoy local food, craft and our culture on March 18th.