Aruba cutural identity Episode CLXXVII 177: Uncover Aruba`s insights through Etnia Nativa

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Etnia Nativa through Island Insight shares native stories promotes cultural awareness, educates and safeguards Aruba’s heritage, guiding the reader in to an island keeper state of mind. Our episodes encourage the reader to discover the true native spirit of our millenarian cultural origins, uncover our Amerindian heritage and the survival of is original people.

As an entity dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the indigenous identity, Etnia Nativa, in previous episodes addressed the issue of who were the Aruban ancestors –see episode 110- and where they came from and the genetic inheritance of Aruba by maternal line through the analysis of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)- see episode 151. During this episode we will refer to the book recently published and presented at the CCA (Cas di Cultura) by dr. Oswald R. Wever MD, PhD, FACP : “Cultural & Genetic Heritage of Arubans” and consequently the direct support we receive from our native scientist, dedicated professional and prestigious lifelong Bio- researcher who uncovered true value to Etnia Nativa’s objective of obtaining the recognition of our ancestral Arubans claim and existence in his publication “Cultural & Genetic Heritage of Arubans”

_ “The real “sense of belonging” is the awareness of having emotionally and intellectually incorporated and accepted Aruba’s history which includes all those Arubans who existed before one’s own existence had even begun”.—

Due to our contact and the indisputable conviction of dr. Oswald Wever regarding the contradiction that the indigenous roots of Aruba were totally extinct was an invention. Now a chance presented it self after following a revealing presentation regarding genetics and the native inhabitads of Puerto Rico by Profesor Ph.D. Juan Martínez Cruzado, during the 19th International Congress for Caribbean Archaeology, Aruba July 2001, Etnia Nativa`s curator did not hesitate to kick the ball in to action by putting both professionals dr.Oswald Wever and dr.Martinez Cruzado in contact and find out facts behind our own Amerindian genetic story. So it did not take long before the first results where published in dr.Oswald Wever first book ever concerning Aruba`s genetic identity and ancestral link. Titled “Genetic structure of the Aruban population: Three origins”

The professional support that Etnia Nativa receives, as a pioneer in heritage issues and indigenous matters and values ​​of Aruba from out a private iniciative through the publications of Dr. Oswal Wever, afirms our activities that promotes participation in our educational effords to institutions, foundations and organizations incorporating this notion into practice. Among the pioneering organizations we mention the Aruban Warriors – Aruban Indigenous Movement, which under the leadership of its Chief, Mrs. Helena Croes, fights for the conservation of nature, for the rights of the native inhabitants of Aruba. Aruban Warriors is currently working on the correct definition of who is the true Aruban and why it is so important to save a part of this island for its original people.

After carefully following the explanations of Dr.O.Wever exposed in his latest book “Cultural & Genetic Heritage of Arubans” we verify once again that, despite the fact that our native heritage sometimes denied by government authorities and foreign authors who prefer following other theories, the results of the research and the publications of an Aruban professional with indigenous roots reconfirm the daily task of Etnia Nativa to share through “Island-Insight” the true and real Aruban heritage. Thank you dr. Oswald Wever for making your statement “Let the Amerindian voice be heard” clear and true backed by science, cultural expression, identification and categorization.

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