Aruba Birdlife Conservation: Earth Day: A call for wisdom

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The NGO Aruba Birdlife Conservation is a nature and birdlife conservation foundation. Alarming signals have reached them on Earth Day past Wednesday. Many are concerned with the destruction of termites’ nests.

On one hand we can completely understand that termites must be controlled whenever they become a direct threat to homes and other buildings; they can cause a lot of damage if not attended to. But in nature, termites are actually extremely important. They help maintain the balance of nature and keep ecosystems healthy. They are important decomposers. They play an important role in recycling dead and decaying trees into new soil and their underground tunneling helps aerate and improve the soil. These ‘green machines’ keep our forests healthy.

Contrary to what is stated, when we exterminate termites in nature, we are not saving nature, but just the opposite, we are hurting nature.

And in Aruba, termites’ nests play another vital role as well. Our Prikichis need termites’ nests to be able to breed. The number of Prikichis in Aruba has dropped dramatically during the past ten years and destruction of termites’ nests in the wild is one of the reasons why their numbers have plummeted. Termites’ nests in nature are extremely important and should be cherished and protected. Please share this message to create awareness about this important topic.