Aruba birdlife calendar 2020 a fact with support of Hilton

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Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino has once again sponsored the new Aruba birdlife calendar. The 2020 Aruba bird calendar was presented to Hilton’s General Manager Mr. Vasco Baselli by twin sisters Kim and Liz Peterson.

The 13 bird photographs were made available by seven bird photographers. There are two pictures in the calendar that are related to the national Shoco conservation project. Baselli was informed that funds generated by the sales of the calendar are supporting the conservation of the Aruba Burrowing Owl. Baselli, an underwater nature photographer himself, is very interested in the Shoco conservation project and is looking into ways that he could stimulate volunteer work intended to further the placement of artificial Shoco burrows around the island. Aruba Birdlife Conservation is delighted with the conservation help that the new Hilton General Manager is bringing to the table. Greg Peterson, president of the board of Aruba Birdlife Conservation sees this sort of help as a new and positive move in the right direction and to the benefit of nature conservation in Aruba.

The 2020 bird calendars can be purchased at Huchada in Santa Cruz, Best Deal Aruba in Paradera, Veterinary Clinics Aruba in Wayaca and Noord, and at CONVET – Contreras Veterinary Services in Shaba. All proceeds go to the Aruba Birdlife Conservation Foundation. q