Aruba Airport Authority N.V. to operate General Aviation Terminal

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The General Aviation Terminal, better known as the FBO at Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix, will be managed and operated by Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) starting January 1, 2023.

Starting in 2023, AAA will operate d and manage the FBO operation under its new name – JET-TNCA. Jet is the obvious choice of words to best reflect the fact that private aircraft or jets will be handled at the FBO terminal at the airport and TNCA is the ICAO code for the airport in Aruba.

JET-TNCA is uniquely positioned in the Caribbean region, making it the perfect stop between North and Latin America. Besides its geographical and strategic advantages, JET-TNCA offers a variety of services to its customers. Customers can use JET-TNCA’s traveler lounge and refreshment area while experiencing the highest level of customer service.

Additionally, JET-TNCA’s supervisory and coordination services provide customers with a single point of essential flight services such as aircraft fueling, catering, ground support, accommodations, transportation arrangements, and US Customs & Border Protection Pre-Clearance services.

ET-TNCA’s purpose is to offer a complete products/service experience (CPE) to a currently underserved leisure niche market within its current territory by connecting with a high-end customer base through luxury inventory collaborative partnerships.

The new JET-TNCA operations team is excited to welcome all its clients and is personally committed to planning and delivering a successful mission by offering a complete range of first-class services supported by dedicated professionals constantly looking at new and innovative ways to satisfy the ever-changing needs and desires of its guests.

A team of professionals led by its FBO Manager, Mrs. Minerva Flemming, will manage the JET-TNCA day-to-day operations. The business development activities of the JET-TNCA will be performed from within the AAA team responsible for aviation business development led by Mrs. Jo-Anne Meaux-Arends, Executive Aviation Business Development at AAA.

For more information on JET-TNCA, please visit its website, WWW.JET-TNCA.COM, or contact us via email at 297-5882465.