Artistic book in four languages in Aruba

265805 Pinchos- PGB promo Banner (25 x 5 cm)-5 copy

NETHERLANDS — In the last years painter Gustave Nouel started an interdisciplinary project with creative friends, aspiring an international artistic quality; a book in four languages titled ‘Maternity’. This book is based on paintings that Gustave Nouel made of the Aruban model and actress Zuleika Coffie during her pregnancy and later as the mother of Lilian, sharing her maternal thoughts and reflections.

The strive is to present the book in 2019, in the National Library of Aruba, where Nouel was invited in 2009 for an exhibition, workshops and other activities related to the celebration of 60 years Library in Aruba. This was a successful project together with the University of Aruba, where Gustave also gave Masterclasses. This time there is an explicit interest for a presentation of the paintings that have been published in the book Maternity (Digital or traditional).

Gustave Nouel (GN) is not only participating, until June 22, as an invited artist-painter with the national exhibition in Ruurlo of famous Dutch artists with Art inspired by the famous model Mathilde Willink ( But Gustave has also been invited for a solo-exhibition of his Jazz-Art at Slot Kleverkamp in Deventer, until September 9 amongst others. Art of the Aruban impressed Jos van Gils, editor of the national magazine 50Vitaalplus in such a way that he offered Gustave free national promotion with a great publication in his edition of May/June 2019. In almost all the waiting rooms in the Netherlands you can find 50Vitaalplus.