Art Week Aruba 2022: Chilean, Isidora Lopez Paz, sculptor, mosaicist and ceramist

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SANNICOLAS/ARTFAIR2022: The word is out, Aruba is becoming the Art Centrum to be in, where all renowned muralist wants to exhibit their art pieces.

Aruba gathered the finest muralists from most part of the world and made the streets of San Nicolas in a want to see and want to be in, urban revolving out door Gallery.

ArtisA, the holding of all that happens with the murals and Aruba Art Fair is evolving, thinking in global happenings such as extinction of the species

Our Artist for this week is Isidora Lopez Paz Chile


Chilean, Isidora Lopez Paz, sculptor, mosaicist and ceramist, comes from a family of artists. Wonderful artist that is experimental by heart. She investigates all the fascinating possibilities of the ceramic Raku. When asked to work in Aruba, she was inspired by the butterflies, Carnival, flowers and the colors of Aruba’s flag, but also the pride of Aruba’s people.

In 2016 she made the Carnival Nymph, an artwork in 3d figures. The Chilean artist used gold pieces from Germany and mirrors from Brazil and depicted Aruba’s flag and the flower called Cayena, dancing and emerging as a beautiful nymph.

Isidora Lopez Paz, is a visionary. In Chile she transformed a metro station. She created over a lap of one year, eighty-three pillars and four stations, covered four thousand meters square in mosaic. At a certain time, she was leading around 80 fellow artists. The work was gigantic and beautiful. So was her inspiration of “Vogeltreppe” in Germany.  Soon Isidora Lopez Paz will start the 50 steps of Rodgers Beach. The new constructed stairs will be made in a spectacular masterpiece together with Aruba’s finest mosaic artists of BAN MOZAIK!  The target for 2023, Hooiberg Hill in the center of Aruba.

Art Fair 2022, November 4.5.6, 2022, will be an explosion of Arts where more than 150 local and international artists will expose their arts, and more than 15 International Artists will leave their artistic mark on Aruba’s largest murals in the long NOT forgotten sunrise city San Nicolas, the Art Capital of the Caribbean, named by Forbes.

ArtisA in partnership with Aruba Tourism Authority Sui Generis invites you to follow us via www. or visit us at ArtisA Gallery in San Nicolas.