Another Aruba Story from Cara & Chris

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“My husband and I visited for the first time in Jan 2020 for our honeymoon. We fell in love! The perfect weather, sand, beaches, and friendly people really impressed us! We also loved the Americanization, island safety, easy bus transportation, music, bright colors, trade winds, and diversity. We wanted to come back as soon as we arrived back home to Ohio.

In recent months, we weren’t sure what would happen. But then we saw that our resort was offering heavily discounted rates. We jumped on that right away. We are returning Jan 2021. So excited! It seems Aruba is slowly opening back up. (I saw that the curfew was extended to midnight) We’re hoping more things will be open available by then, like dancing and live music, but we’ll have a great time regardless. We are even staying two weeks this time instead of ten days! We love Aruba, “One Happy Island.”