Amidst a new strategy and adjusted organization: Aruba Airport Authority N.V. sees growth in 2021

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On April the 29th the Board of Supervisory Directors and Shareholder (Aruba), in presence of management and the external financial auditor, have approved and adopted Aruba Airport Authority’s Annual Report 2021, including the financial statements.

The recovery of air traffic and consequently passengers handled at Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix (AUA Airport) was stronger than initially forecasted for the year 2021. The 1st quarter marked a very slow recovery coming out of the year 2020 but suddenly emerged as being a strong recovery year for the remainder of 2021. Compared to 2020 the number of passengers grew with 103% to a total of 1,842,864 passengers which was a recovery of 69% versus pre-pandemic year 2019. The recovery resulted in 28 destinations scheduled across 25 airlines in 2021.

Joost Meijs, CEO of AAA: “Our redefined vision and strategy will give us guidance in the times to come and maximizes our added value to a sustainable economy and community in Aruba. I like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our own AAA employees and the entire airport community who contributed to the results achieved during the challenging last years: the airlines, the passengers, our business partners, representatives of authorities, the board of supervisory directors, our shareholder, and most importantly our employees.”

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